I need data

I have a problem that can be solved using data science and I need to train an algorithm.
ai.market has the most comprehensive public and private data-sets; searchable by characteristics, geography and industry segment.
ai.market has free and paid offerings. Some data is raw, while others have had extensive work to clean, meta-tag and format specifically for data science. If you have a customer request the community has extensive resources to support your efforts so please inquire..
ai.market gives you access to the datasets you require while automating the financial, legal and technical requirements for delivery.
Here’s how it works:
You can pay for access to data or, the marketplace supports a more sophisticated creation/ownership model based on shared revenue.
Many data providers understand the potential value of their data and would like to participate in that revenue stream generated by its use. To facilitate this, ai.market tracks utilisation and provides auditability for all providers of value, written to the blockchain.
The creation of a dataset can have many Vaders (Value adders) including multiple data sets, data transformation, validation, meta-tagging etc. ai.market automates the process of compensating each contributor, based on the revenue generated from the model.
This allows unfettered creativity, without the onus of upfront expenditure; sharing the financial benefit across the value chain.
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Expressions of Interest

If you are unable to find the data you require in the marketplace, we allow you to create an ‘Expression of Interest’ on the market. You describe your requirements and we share it with the community; enabling a dialogue to facilitate the satisfaction of your requirement.

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