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Data is collected daily from Our World in Data GitHub repository for covid-19, merged and uploaded.


The data contains the following information:

Country- this is the country for which the vaccination information is provided;
Country ISO Code – ISO code for the country;
Date – date for the data entry; for some of the dates we have only the daily vaccinati ons, for others, only the (cumulative) total;
Total number of vaccinations – this is the absolute number of total immunizations in the country;
Total number of people vaccinated – a person, depending on the immunization scheme, will receive one or more (typically 2) vaccines; at a certain moment, the number of vaccination might be larger than the number of people;
Total number of people fully vaccinated – this is the number of people that received the entire set of immunization according to the immunization scheme (typically 2); at a certain moment in time, there might be a certain number of people that received one vaccine and another number (smaller) of people that received all vaccines in the scheme;


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