I have Data

You have data – it’s valuable and you want it monetised and protected; ai.market is the platform that enables this.
Everyday thousands of people, willing to pay, come looking for data to train their models:
ai.market provides the platform, automation and, and community to maximise the value of your data.

Here is how it works:

There are 2 types of data in the marketplace.
Standard and Federated
Standard data are datasets that are fully accessible and viewable to any registered ai.market user.
Federated data requires the algorithm to train at the provider premises, only returning the statistical models, thus guaranteeing that the private data is never compromised.This is particularly relevant for data in the medical arena or sensitive consumer/corporate data.
We support multiple open source Federated Data technologies
There are 2 financial models in the marketplace, Free and Paid
The combination of these 2 factors creates 4 categories that are relevant
Standard Free
  These are datasets that are free to view and access and free to use
Federated Free
  These are datasets that are not free to view – only the Ontology of the data can be viewed, but the data is free to use in model creation but with attribution
Standard Paid
  These are datasets that are open to view but require payment for access
Federated Paid
  These are datasets that only the ontology is available to view ( but that provides sufficient information to determine whether this dataset will meet your needs as well as Validation from the Vader group associated with this data ) and that must be paid to access
We encourage that all models created from ai.market data be listed in the marketplace. 
If a model has been created via revenue sharing agreements embedded in the model then this is the only option associated with these models. 
The listing allows you to customise the search-ability, access control and pricing of these models.
There are 5 steps to make your data available on ai.market:
Locate your Data
    ai.market allows for data to be located in a variety of ways:
Describe your data
      There are a variety of standards and tools that allow you to describe the characteristics of your dataset 
Have your data validated
      As part of the process of putting your data onto the market, we encourage you to work with a Vader group, either one of your making, or an existing team that you can find listed here
Prepare your data
       Using the tools available in the market and from selected third party vendors or using approved service partners you can prepare your dataset for listing in the market. In addition the revenue model that you have created for your model is defined and implemented
Publish your data
      Your dataset is submitted through the automated approval process for datasets to be listed on the platform
Want to create a data set that people are looking for ? Here is the list of Expressions of Interest from people looking for specific datasets