You need data

You have a problem that can be solved using data science and you need to train an algorithm. provides you with:


You can simply pay for access to data or the marketplace supports a more sophisticated creation/ownership model based on shared revenue.

Many data providers understand the potential value of their data and would like to participate in the revenue stream, generated by its use. tracks utilization and provides audit-ability, for all providers of value.

The creation of a data-pipeline can have many Vaders (Value adders); including multiple data sets, data transformation, validation, meta-tagging etc. automates the process of compensating each contributor, based on the revenue generated from the model.   This allows unfettered creativity, without the onus of upfront expenditure; sharing the financial benefit across the value chain.

You have data

It’s valuable and you want it monetized and protected without losing control. is the enabling platform. Everyday thousands of people, willing to pay, come looking for data to train their models.

There are 2 types of data in the marketplace:

Standard data is fully accessible and viewable to any registered user.

Privacy protected data requires the algorithm to train at the provider premises, only returning the statistical models. This guarantees that the private data is never compromised.

We support multiple Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs).


The steps to make your data available on