Company is the leading platform to find, create and utilise Artificial Intelligence models; serving Data Providers, AI creators, Value Enhancers and the consumers of AI technology.

Core Operations

  • Enable data providers to easily make their data available in a secure controlled manner.
  • Provide a search facility that allows data to be found by AI/MA Engineers.
  • Provide tools that allows AI/ML engineers to build models on the market.
  • Allow end users to automate access to Models.
  • Allow End users ease of payment for Models.
  • Provide distribution of funds to all contributors to the models.
Founded in 2020 by Max Robbins and Robbie Vann-Adibé, the company is fully virtual; it is in growth mode and seeking business partners, key employees and investors who share it’s vision for a global marketplace for the models and data that will power the AI revolution.


Eric Sexton (nocrates)

Lead Developer

Eric brings over 20 years of experience in enterprise computing, integration, and consulting. Eric is a recognized leader in both enterprise technical strategy and implementation - having led enterprise-wide programs at places like and Google where he spearheaded the adoption of team collaboration and the bringing together of DevOps and CRM. His deep grasp of enterprise solutions, coupled with his focus on user experience and customer success, sets his vision and approach apart from other technical leaders.

Ivan Scattergood

CTO (Interim)

Ivan is a highly experienced solution architect, data, and software engineer with 25 years’ experience. He has led and developed enterprise standard big data projects, as well as productionised machine learning processes, primarily in the financial sector. He has also recently applied machine learning to anomaly detection for the monitoring of critical server systems of large organisations.

Eric Topham

Chief Science Officer

Eric pursued an academic career before transitioning to the commercial world of data science via the public sector. Whether in academic research or the private sector, Eric is driven by the challenge of solving big problems using data and the scientific process. Eric leads the analytical and machine learning elements of The Data Analysis Bureau, primarily designing solutions to solve client problems. University of Oxford (Merton College) PhD 2011-2015 Imperial College, London MSc 2009-2010 Cambridge University (Fitzwilliam College) BA 2006-2009

Robbie Vann-Adibé


I spend time working with people I like and respect, on interesting and challenging projects that keep me engaged and learning new things. Leveraging on many years of working within larger corporations and also a multiple of start ups, some my own, in both deep technology ( databases, grid computing, development tools ) and services ( strategic consulting and internet technology ), I like to apply my experience ( pattern recognition ) to interesting opportunities, while having fun!

Max Robbins


Max is an early internet pioneer and serial entrepreneur. He served as CTO to the first commercial internet service provider to go public in the United States. Max founded a global Web services organisation, WBS and most recently aiScaler, the leading provider of web caching services. Max acted as CTO, CEO and founder of tech companies as well as serving as a director on public boards. He is fascinated by what happens when you enable great people with great technology.