You have questions that need the kind of answers that only artificial intelligence can provide. provides powerful search tools to help you find the model that you need, trained by the worlds best AI developers, on the worlds best data. Perhaps it is already in the market?  You may need to modify an existing model, taking advantage of the training that has already been done, but customized to fit your requirements. The market can help.

The market has powerful search to allow you to find the most relevant models and to communicate directly with the model creators. We provide trust and expert reference so that you can move forward using the models with confidence.

Once you identify the perfect model for your requirement, we automate the process of running it against your data, with API’s that let you call the AI as needed. We then simplify the billing, allowing you flexibility to pay by the transaction, time or capacity.


Expressions of Interest

If you are unable to find the model you require in the marketplace, we allow you to create an ‘Expression of Interest’ on the market. You describe your requirements and we share it with the community; enabling a dialogue to facilitate the satisfaction of your requirement.

You have a model, and would like to monetise it. has the tools that allow you to create ‘pay for access’ mechanisms for your model; we support

Pay per transaction.
Bundles of access.
Time based.
Custom monetisation frameworks that are best suited for your model.

The platform provides templates and guidance to optimise earnings from your asset.

Here is how it works:

Locate your model

In situ – ie. remains where it is and access is provided via API’s.

On a third party system – all the major cloud based AI platforms such have the capability to host models and can securely manage access to these datasets via standard API’s including.





On – allows hosting of your model on our secure high speed infrastructure

Describe your model

     Provide a model dictionary that clearly allows your model to be understood and evaluated.

Have your model validated

    Take advantage of Vaders to establish trust and and validation for your listing.

Prepare your model

Using the tools available in the market and from selected third party vendors or using approved service partners you can prepare your model for listing in the market. In addition the revenue model that you have created for your model is defined and implemented

Publish your model

Your model is submitted through the automated approval process for models to be listed on the platform



Bid created and registered with the system.